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After War Service;
AKA Argentan, Nickel Silver
11 cargo liners of the liberty-ship type were entrusted in management to the Transatlantic General Company before the conclusion of the Blum-Byrnes agreements of May 26, 1946. Following these agreements, the French government acquired of 75 liberty-ships, of which 21 in their turn was entrusted in management to the Transatlantic race, which changes their total to 32. The deliveries spread out until 1947. These ships were used, according to the needs, on the lines of the North Atlantic, of the Antilles, of the Northern Pacific or the Southern Pacific. Between 1957 and 1960, thirteen of them were especially equipped for transport with the Renault cars in the United States and were chartered by the Company of Affrêtement and transport (CAT), then subsidiary of the Renault Control. The first liberty-ship to leave the fleet of the Transatlantic General Company after the accident of the GRANDCAMP in 1947 was SAINT VALERY in May 1948 and the last the DOMFRONT and the BAYEUX in 1965. The last of the liberty-ships “ex-Deckchair” to disappear was the NICKEL SILVER, demolished in 1973.
Built in 1943 under the name of GABRIEL FRANCHERE on behalf of the U.S. Shipping War Administration.
Delivered to the French government in 1946. Renamed NICKEL SILVER and entrusted in management to the Transatlantic General Company.
Returned in the State December 1954 then transferred to the Naval Company Delmas-Vieljeux. Preserve its name.
Demolished in 1971 in Spain.
Gabriel Franchere 12 10 12.43 1943 WSA
(Isthmian SS Co, NY)
1946 French Gov't (Cie Generale Transatlantique)
1947 ARGENTAN, same owners.
1954 (Soc.Navale Delmas-Vieljeux, Paris)
1971 Scrapped Villanueva y Geltru, Spain.